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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cosmopolitan magazine's 2010 HOTTEST Bachelors and their AMAZING ABS...

When's the last time you attended an official BACHELOR BASH???

This partying bachelor is ready for the dentist...

Ok I know what you're really thinking now! I'm actually at a frat party where the male dress code consists of black tees with white writing huh? Yes...I have many fun memories (probably too many) from Greek life (from ONLY a few years ago of course) but I haven't been to a frat party in many years. Hmmm...I'm being so nostalgic as I'm typing now...

I'm out and about all the time and am constantly at NYC events. It takes a lot for an event to really catch my attention...and oh did this one STAND out!!! One of my favorite sassy friends who works for Cosmo invited me to attend the big announcement of WHO wins the Hottest Bachelor of the year out of an impressive 51 men. I promised to write nothing BAD about this event of course...not that I ever would. Some of my friends seemed kind of jealous that they couldn't attend and I just laughed...thinking big deal...it's JUST ANOTHER NYC event! Now I truly UNDERSTAND why they wanted to go. It was such an entertaining and fun party filled with a great looking crowd!

My kind of welcoming committee...

What's not to love about one adorable bachelor from each state and D.C. at Marquee (love that place) at the same time???

Then add some fun friends...good drinks...better appetizers and desserts...and random candid conversations...and you create a GREAT night!

Mr. Ohio Ryan "Mickey" McLean won the title of Cosmo's hottest bachelor and was awarded a $10,000 cash prize and a $5,000 Express wardrobe by Cosmopolitan's editor-in-chief Kate White. She was so adorable when she said whatever happens at Cosmo's party tonight stays at Cosmo. I got such a kick out of hearing her announce the bachelors as most of them walked on the stage. The fact that many of them showed off their abs...DEF kept my attention!

The adorable winner and me...

I first noticed the food (I'm a MAJOR FOODIE as many of you know) before the men I must admit as I walked in starving after a day of many long meetings. My small salad all day just didn't cut it! So I started with mini grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken and beef tacos and tuna tartare. Everything was low cal of course!!!

These mini cheeseburgers and fries were so much better than they look. Some of the VERY skinny gals chasing after the bachelors (I never chase men...just food!) would take a break every once in a while to grab a burger minus the bun as you can tell. I went full force after the buns and I'm not talking about the BACHELORS now! My long gym workout early the next morning probably didn't even burn more then 3 of those baby cupcakes. I have to admit though...MAJOR props to the caterers as the appetizers and desserts were all amazing! Given the fact that they were all TINY snacks...you kind of felt less guilty grabbing them too!!!

Those mini pecan pies and red velvet cupcakes were on full platters before I grabbed tastes...

Would I leave without tasting a mint chocolate chip mini cupcake? What do YOU think?

As I was busy noshing, schmoozing with the gals, and people watching during the beginning of the party... I was thinking most of these cute guys are such babies and where are their OLDER BROTHERS to be honest! Later on...I started to get giddy watching them literally being chased by women all night. Once I started speaking to many of them though...I was really impressed with a lot of what they had to say and what I learned about their characters, charity involvement, interests, and work lives. I even put Mr. Minnesota to work taking many of my photos. Who would have thought that he would have been so great at eliminating red eye! They have a lot more to offer women than just their AMAZING abs and NOT all of them were actually in their twenties!

I have to say Mr. NY has a great smile and was fun to schmooze with...so glad I approved of him since I'm a little partial to the Empire State!

Love my K SQUARED shot with Mr. Kansas and Mr. Kentucky...

Fun chat about New Orleans with Mr. Louisiana...

Can you say Mr. Mississippi (great smile btw) quickly more than 10 times in a row and sound literate? I sure can't!

Check out Mr. North Carolina...a baseball buff's gorgeous eyes gals...

Too bad Mr. West Virginia doesn't live closer. I totally want to adopt him as a younger brother. Who wants to be set up with him??? He's so sweet! If he was ONLY 10 years older...

This was seriously my kind of party and please don't take me off your list Cosmo!!! I always LOVED your magazine but now I'm even a bigger fan!

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with all of these bachelors. They're a great bunch of guys and I have to say everyone that I really spoke with...is a great catch! It got me thinking...I may need a break from NYC men!

I have a request for you Cosmo...how about choosing the HOTTEST 51 USA 30-45 year old Jewish Bachelors for me by next month in time for a belated birthday celebration? Is that too much to ask for? ;)

Can't you help make that happen Jess for your favorite Spunky Schmoozer??? xo

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