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Monday, January 17, 2011

How do you like them pics?

It's amazing how much fun one can simply have by going on spontaneous walks. Sometimes unplanned destinations lead to the most random great times... and you actually forget you're exercising too. Whether it's people watching... window shopping... simply thinking about your next plan of action... grabbing a nosh or two along the way (my fave)... or just totally enjoying the weather... there's something for everyone to smile about.

I'm always up for an adventure as many of you know... and NYC walks never disappoint me for some reason. They usually bring me tons of random laughter! Sometimes I even pick up new or old friends along the way. Sometimes both!!!

Here's some free NYC spotted entertainment for your viewing pleasure... brought to you by the one and only Spunky Schmoozer from some recent strolls...

This man got lost on his way back to the zoo...

What some creative people will do for company...

Lions and Tigers and Bears... OH MY! Meet ya at the circus? This pic makes me crave cotton candy... yes it does!

Still wondering about this one to be honest (not like I'm ever not blunt or anything)...

See how much fun you can have while burning calories? Someone was having way too much of a good time that he left his poor sneakers behind. Don't they look so lonely... ready to make a call maybe?

I know I'm completely addicted to my BlackBerry (at least I can admit it)... but my BlackBerry camera actually does come in handy for moments that simply MUST be captured through images. Don't you think?

Follow me on Twitter @SpunkySchmoozer for guaranteed laughter (well at least I hope so)! Share some of your favorite NYC pics or at least the hysterical ones. Keep them clean please! ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What would you do if you won MEGA MILLIONS?

Who's dreaming of winning MEGA MILLIONS right now??? Be honest... I SURE AM!!!

Moments before the numbers were going to be chosen tonight for a potential 355 million...

I bought a ticket and then pondered over a Pinkberry nosh!

I forgot how chilly (never too cold for frozen yogurt of course) it was outside while I was thinking about what I would do if I actually won. I simply sat on Broadway all relaxed... enjoying my pumpkin cone... all smiles!

What would you do if... YOU WON? Hmmm if not... we always have next time right? There's something very special about always dreaming...

Follow me on Twitter @SpunkySchmoozer and let me know what you would do if you suddenly won 355 million! ;)