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Friday, November 26, 2010

Future CEO...

I thought I was totally addicted to my BlackBerry until I hung out with my adorable and intelligent nephew (not partial or anything) the other night. He simply brought BlackBerry usage to a whole new level.

Future CEO...don't you think?

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Due Date turned into Due Nap...

I was so comfortable at home catching up with my DVR until my friend convinced me that a very early Saturday movie was just what I needed. I first thought he was crazy and then 2 minutes later I suddenly changed my mind. I still have no idea why...but every once in a while I get extra spontaneous for just no reason at all. It's part of being the Spunky Schmoozer that I am! We decided to go see Due Date at 12:10 and that we would grab a fast sushi roll before. I really needed two dinners that night...I know! That's what happens when you think a small Lean Cuisine will fill you up when you're starving to begin with. At 11:50 I started getting nervous that we weren't going to get there on time...since you know...EVERYONE from the UWS was going to see that very meaningful movie for that specific showing. It was going to be extremely hard to get a seat!!! On the way we picked up cupcakes as I needed sugar to stay awake! Yes...every once in a while I actually do need some sleep despite my crazy amount of energy. Any excuse for a cupcake right? ;)

We bonded with fun Elaine (only me) at AMC Loews Lincoln Square before our movie started and learned all about the thousands of people who saw Harry Potter 7 the morning before at 4 am. Ok...I loved HP7 (had to see this movie during opening weekend as well) ...but 4 am people? That's nuts!!! Our movie ended up starting at 12:45 am (my friend messed up the time by 35 min...ONLY MEN) so we were just as CRAZY I guess!!! At least Harry Potter is worth seeing!

Due Date was so ridiculously stupid with a few random parts that got me so hysterical laughing. I'm sure it was just that I was totally overtired. Here's a special thanks to my friend who filled me in on what I missed when I took mini spontaneous naps.

I thought this Magnolia cupcake (TOTALLY worth the calories) would have kept me awake for my whole movie adventure. Not so much...
I'm still laughing regarding how I was making my friend rush to get there on time! What was I afraid of??? I wouldn't get a seat??? There were only 6 people in the whole theater!!! I learned a few invaluable lessons from this Due Date experience...next 12:45 movie... I'm bringing my mini airplane pillow and MUCH more sugar! Also...when I can't sleep...I should simply go to a very early movie!