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Friday, August 27, 2010

Hmmmmm...this message caught my attention!

Ok ok...I wasn't supposed to order chinese food the other day because of my health kick.  I must admit though...after I read my fortune cookie and this message appeared I felt less guilty for enjoying every SINGLE  calorie from my steamed pork dumplings.  I did stay an extra few minutes in the hot tub soon after devouring my meal after my workout hoping to sweat out that dish. ;)

This message reminded me of an important lesson.  It's important to always listen to your gut even when we don't want to sometimes!!!  

Why try to make something work when we truly know the situation is wrong!  Yes in this economy many of us are busy trying to succeed in corporate jobs that are not our DREAM jobs but we're never married to a job either.  Wouldn't you rather be single than with the WRONG partner?

LISTEN to your gut and FOLLOW your heart as we go through this exciting journey called life. Know that great surprises and good luck will come your way when you least expect it. 
Welcome to my brand new Spunky Schmoozer blog that promises to keep you laughing and thinking...but hopefully not thinking too much! 

Here's to a fabulous weekend and please follow me so I don't feel like a newbie blogger who has no followers.  ;)

To the love of my life...roses are my favorite flower and why are you being so shy?  

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