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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mega Millions Nosh anyone???

You know those times when you totally force yourself to go to the gym... when you're just not in the mood? You might have eaten way too many brownies the night before or simply plan to wear an extra fitted dress in a few days.. so you just make yourself exercise... no matter what!

Tonight...I was just dreaming of a no nonsense dessert (cupcakes, pecan pie, etc...) the GOOD stuff! I decided I would eat an apple instead of rich sweets and then head to the gym... since I've been eating way too much junk during the holiday season. OMG... if you guys knew what my Moms' linzer tarts and rugelach really taste like...you would understand why I can't just eat 2 of her cookies and then be happy eating a salad! I must admit... I really love salads too... but if you had the choice... what would you pick?

Well thanks to Access Hollywood and my Facebook and Twitter family for getting me through my hour of cardio this evening. I sent out this photo with 18 minutes left of my workout requesting some fun company and wow did my social media friends truly come to my rescue. I appreciated the encouragement as well as my peeps who told me I was insane for staying on one piece of equipment for an hour. Yeah... you're right! Sometimes you just need to spice things up at the gym a bit...and I really didn't tonight!

Before I reached 43 minutes I realized how lucky I was to have a gym all to myself that night. I felt extra important to be honest... then I suddenly felt like I was missing out on a party. Was I the ONLY one working out on the Upper West this evening???

Ok so I really felt slightly guilty of the thought of eating a decadent dessert later because I ate Pinkberry for lunch today. How brilliant is their packaging when you take their treats to go? Ice included... to decrease the possibility of major melting? Then if you sprain your ankle on the way home
(G-d forbid) you
have an ice pack ready...

Thanks to my sweet friend at Pinkberry (I won't say your name to get you in trouble) my small yogurt was upgraded to a medium on the house and YES I felt like I won the lotto!!! You're fabulous and you know who you are!!! That's a perfect Spunky Schmoozer type of gift! FYI...add a little cinnamon to the Pumpkin Pinkberry flavor and the combo is really worth the calories... then add some fresh fruit... and it's even better! Those salted and sweet pumpkin seeds in this picture are amazing too!

I rarely buy Lotto tickets but I decided while I was all wound up at the gym that I had to be a potential Mega Millions winner tonight for some reason. Sure... my odds would be higher to become the first Jewish Female President of the USA... but the simple thought of winning is just truly exciting!

EXTRA spontaneous nosh is like winning the Lotto until you need to get your tush to the gym... don't you think?

If I win Mega Millions... I can hire an almost 24/7 cute trainer to move in with me! ;)

Follow me on Twitter @SpunkySchmoozer and tell me what your fave nosh is and if you've ever won the Lotto! Scratch off Lotto tickets count too of course!

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