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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Black Swan...Moo Shu Chicken...Snowball fight anyone?

After participating in an annual Spunky Schmoozer Jewish family Christmas tradition last night... Chinese food and a movie... I decided I needed a few hours of less intense time alone today. Ok... Bloody Black Swan (almost covered my eyes a few times) exemplified acting at its finest! I'll be shocked if the Oscar doesn't go to Natalie Portman... as she truly deserves to be recognized for her impressive acting ability. WOW is this an intense movie though. No one warned me HOW INTENSE!!!

My favorite part was as the credits were rolling my Dad joked as he always does and said "I thought we were going to enjoy a nice comedy!" My family was hysterical as well as audience members who heard my Dad's comment. His joke delivery was perfect (that doesn't always happen)! I'm glad I saw the flick... even though romantic comedies are more my speed. I convinced my family that we shouldn't see Little Fockers as I was unimpressed opening day. It wasn't so funny... I must admit! At least it didn't give me a knot in my stomach though.

I still feel like I need Prilosec after last night (probably more from watching Black Swan than from my Moo Shu Chicken, spare ribs and shrimp with lobster sauce dinner). I did share those dishes... can't eat THAT much! My stomach still needs to recover but dinner was much more enjoyable than Black Swan. I will not be buying that movie... that's for sure.. and I own about 300 DVDs!

I woke up this morning very excited... anticipating all of the snow that we've been promised... rushed back to NYC so I wouldn't be stuck in Westchester during today's blizzard. I love snow when I don't have to drive in it! I had very important business to attend to this afternoon on the UWS...

Chick flicks... drinking hot chocolate (minus the whipped cream)... organizing about 10,000 business cards... just simply relaxing while appreciating the beautiful snowfall from inside my cozy NYC apartment!

Maybe I'll venture out in a few minutes to buy some whipped cream for a second cup of hot chocolate! Maybe a snowball fight? I can't sit still for too long... you know!

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