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Friday, May 13, 2011

How far would you schlep for something very sweet?

Guess what I woke up thinking about this morning? Something very clean I promise! I'm not speaking about an extra special guy now (I said something NOT someone) and NO this pic was not taken last Halloween...

I must admit that The Wizard of Oz is by far one on my favorite movies, but I was not thinking about this character when I was walking to work this morning half asleep. Of course I had to stop and take a pic (this is me you know) and...is Times Square EVER boring? No...NOT really! Only in NYC...would these photo opps just suddenly appear...I love it!!! Ok ok...I was not dreaming of waiting on a long line either this afternoon. In fact, I rarely wait on long lines and will always try to talk myself into special Spunky Schmoozer treatment (in a sweet way of course with a huge smile) but...being part of this future line experience was a must! I know the suspense is building and you can hardly sit still in your seat right now...so I'll share with you what this fakakta fuss was all about...

Sprinkles had it's official opening today and how could the one and only Spunky Schmoozer not be in the house? We learn from every life experience and guess what I really learned from an LA work trip several years ago? After picking up Sprinkles cupcakes to drop off at clients...I was instantly in NOSH love at first sight after tasting their pumpkin and peanut butter chocolate cupcakes. Fine...I'll admit it...they're all so darn good! Kelly...my waistline totally thanks you for the intro too! ;) I'll never forget how my friend Mia went so out of her way to pick up my fave cupcakes in Beverly Hills last time I was in town. G-d forbid I got on JetBlue without savoring those treats right before take off. Yes...Sprinkles was a significant part of my 2009 All You Can Jet (#AYCJ) from JetBlue life changing trip and I'm proud of that!!! No... Sprinkles and JetBlue don't sponsor me for anything...but they really should...since I'm THAT big of a fan of their brands!

Today was an extra busy day in my recruiting world but one of my closest friends (love ya Melissa) refused to not share today's Sprinkles opening day experience with me and made sure we both went! Real close friends don't let you miss out on moments like this! Wow... have our special times changed together from decorating our Phi Sigma Sigma pledge book covers...to appreciating NYC cupcakes Melissa...haven't they?

We met for a late "lunch" to catch up on the long Sprinkles line to pay $3.50 per cupcake...

2 schmucks...

completely smiling the whole time! We only looked at our watches 50
times each... wondering if we would make it back to work on time! We weren't leaving 60th and Lex without our sweet goods!

The welcome to Sprinkles gal was all smiles and focused too (can't you see?) ...tough job that day! She was very sweet actually...

How long would you wait on line for a cupcake?

Are you in a noshy mood yet? I'm totally wanting another cupcake now...YOU TOO I know! Be honest! At least there's a gym in my apartment building!

Food Network fans...the judge of “Cupcake Wars” and founder of
Sprinkles Cupcakes, Candace Nelson was fun to schmooze with...
even after I asked her why they didn't have my fave peanut butter chocolate cupcakes today!

Here's a shot of their kitchen...my kind of kitchen!!!

Melissa and I had to grab our snacks and run (literally) to the subway to get back to our offices. Who has time to lounge on large cupcakes and snack during a work day like that??? I bet they went to Bloomingdales after... who am I to judge! ;)

I dare you to go to Sprinkles for the first time and only buy one cupcake...

Grab some milk with your cupcakes and make it skim so you feel a little better...trust me! Follow me on Twitter @spunkyschmoozer where I share some of my extra random entertaining adventures. Oh and let me know what your fave Sprinkles flavor is! I'll give you a week to tell me!!!

Who loves a contest? I do!!! My first amused reader to correctly guess which four Sprinkles flavors are represented above (and post to this blog entry) will win a sassy Flavor of The Month tee from www.royaldrama.com!

Good luck, happy noshing, and remember... sometimes the true little things in life can bring you the most pleasure!

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