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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcoming simple pleasures in 2013...

Sometimes we forget to take a few moments out of our crazy busy lives to enjoy the most meaningful simple joys in life.  Many of us are so focused on building our empires and getting from point A to B that we may miss some of the most spontaneous fun that is right before our eyes.  My partner in crime, my fabulous sister and I brought in the New Year together enjoying a chill (literally CHILLY- what's a Spunky Schmoozer adventure without a long spontaneous brisk walk?) night of many laughs, great food and meeting old friends...

As we stood on a corner on 72nd and Central Park West at midnight this morning... I couldn't help but smile for 20 minutes straight while I noticed taxi drivers, members of the media, UWS residents and more just STOP what they were doing to appreciate the magical fireworks in Central Park...

Wishing everyone a very HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year where all of your dreams come true! Let's try to enjoy spontaneous adventures that become some of the most invaluable lessons and memories.  I'm going to try my hardest to take my own advice throughout 2013... to enjoy dynamic facets of journeys instead of being such a darn perfectionist attempting to quickly reach specific destinations.  I'll also attempt to focus more on SIMPLE joys that I truly enjoy... like being a business matchmaker to connect amazing people who normally wouldn't meet and chilling with my laptop or an old school journal and mechanical pencils more often (for those of you who really know me... you get how I truly LOVE my pencils)... to simply write...

As we embark on a brand new 365 day adventure, I look forward to forming new powerful personal and professional relationships, making more of a positive difference to our world and creating many fun memories with friends and members of my family who I could simply never live without! If you happen to know my future husband... please feel free to send him my way as well.  It doesn't hurt to ask right???

Here's to a year of super smiles and schmoozing...

Spunky Schmoozer

Say hello to me @spunkyschmoozer... don't be shy as I can't wait to hear from you!

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