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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Banter over Frozen Yogurt, Soda and Meat?

I have some of the most fascinating conversations at the most random places and times. It's amazing how these chats can get your thinking and what you can learn from a stranger!

Most people walk into a Pinkberry to grab a fast frozen yogurt. Usually not with me! So surprised huh? It all started this summer when Pinkberry rolled out their happy hour special. Usually I go straight for vodka during happy hours...but half off of the Watermelon flavor for a few hours during most summer afternoons...got me much more excited than alcoholic beverages. I now have Pinkberry pals all over the city.

Say hi to smiling Gabriel (Columbus Circle) and tell him I sent you...I bet you'll get a few extra carob chips. I was in a giddy mood the other day as I was eating my chocolate cone (ask for oreo cookies and carob chips on the bottom) with my friend Liz and asked Gabriel to pose for me. Liz was much more surprised by my request than Gabriel was. He then informed me very candidly that people take his picture all the time. See what happens when you're extra generous with toppings...you become a nosh celebrity! He'll probably be on TMZ next week as he's eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream all over Manhattan.

I've been in the mood more than usual for club soda (as you can tell from the pic) and bonded with my new friend by 3 Columbus Circle. He shows me who wins any sort of Lotto money (even with newspaper clips)...as a sales technique I assume. He's more of a sales guy than most sales execs I know as his pitch is well delivered over several seconds! I bought quite a few tickets from him over the last few months. I realized that I needed a break from that area when I was wanting my Win for Life tickets to turn into weekly cash much more than I ever had before. Visit him...he's very sweet...but don't expect any freebies except for a straw!

It was pouring a few evenings ago on a VERY humid night. I was walking for quite a while and was tempted to stop by the Shake Shack for a snack...since I only ate a small salad all day. EXCUSES I know!!! Yes... I'm on a health kick...I know I know...but I got hungry as I was passing by...that darn smell! Someone was telling me to grab a healthier nosh since the heavy rain only started when I was so close to my spontaneous destination. I hailed down this cab and all I had to say to the driver was "Thanks for saving me some calories by picking me up!" That led to one of the funniest conversations I've ever had about MEAT! How random! He said "A meal is NOT a meal without MEAT!" and oh was he passionate about his meat! He stopped the meter in front of my apartment and then wouldn't stop schmoozing. He kept saying you are so funny as I was thinking you so don't want to make money because you could have been done with another cab ride by now. The funniest part was that as we were speaking... one of my doormen was giving me a look like...are you ever going to get out of that cab? I finally had to say I had to run to get ready for a date. It was none of his business to know that my date was with a treadmill.

What a spunky driver...but if you're in a rush...and you see him...my advice is RUN for another cab!

If I wasn't in a rush when I noticed this hard working delivery guy yesterday afternoon...I would have told him all he needed was a palm tree and a pina colada for him to be all set. He looked more comfortable than I was and I thought of trying out that seat. I have to pick my times to schmooze during my spare time...or else I would get nothing accomplished as you can see.

If you're like me and are always up for a conversational adventure...stop texting every once in a while and say hi to someone random. It's amazing what a simple smile and sarcastic comment can lead to!


  1. love love your philosophy. u are just like me!!!

  2. You make walking down a street or entering any random store an adventure! Can't wait for more of your insights!!

  3. Pinkberry guy was so cute/funny. Totally agree with your cab driver--a meal is not a meal without MEAT!!!!