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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Burgers, Onion Rings and Spiked Shakes...OH MY!!!!!


Run a few extra hours on the treadmill and then RUN to mel's burger bar...

When I was a baby I would sit for hours and watch Julia Child on tv. Yes...it's true...ask my parents! I guess I was fascinated by her voice. Who knew years later I would be thoroughly excited to get behind the scene tours of kitchens...

I enjoyed eating way too much at mel's burger bar before their official opening last week and was very impressed. I wasn't shy (what a shocker rt?) and asked (very sweetly of course) for my table to taste practically every choice on the menu. What can a gal say...I just couldn't decide!

The burgers were great but the coleslaw, ribs, fried zucchini and onion rings really hit the spot. Then after dinner since we weren't STUFFED enough we had to order dessert. The whoopie pie cream cheese frosting is a must try but their spiked shakes are INCREDIBLE. Actually, they're just plain ridiculous...they're THAT good! I woke up dreaming of a shake the next morning after dining at mel's...I'm so NOT kidding!!!

Feeling like a nosh now???

How great does that cream cheese filling look??? For beer drinkers they'll be filling up growlers with their taps as well. I'll take a spiked shake any day over a beer...but I know not all of you would agree! For those of you who truly know me...you know I'm working out in a few minutes most likely thinking about my next meal.

Go to mel's burger bar at 2850 Broadway between 110th and 111th Street and let me know what you think...

This is a picture before the restaurant officially opened so that's why it's empty! These servers looked much more enthusiastic when customers arrived I promise. Seriously...the staff is great!