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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Royal Drama meets the MANZO gals...

Fashion's Night Out 2010 Part Deux in Bloomies...

My sister and I stopped quickly in our tracks (right before getting on the escalator) to notice this man walking around with his dog like they both owned the store. The funny thing was that with all the excitement and crowds from Fashion's Night Out...this guy was taking a leisurely stroll and decided to put his dog on one of the platforms where models were standing moments before. Only in NYC...

We're on the escalator heading downstairs to meet a close friend at Lord & Taylor doing our own photo shoot.

We were so involved playing Nigel Barker with our camera that we had no idea how many YELLING and very EXCITED fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey were at the edge of our escalator trying to meet the singing Manzo gals. I happen to love this reality show!

Who knew karaoke could cause such a scene???

All of a sudden I decided that this SISTER duo had to personally deliver Royal Drama (www.royaldrama.com) surprises to the SPUNKY Manzo sisters. I was not leaving Bloomies until our new MISSION was accomplished!!!

Caroline was holding her new Royal Drama hoodie as she posed for many fan pics which was fabulous.

Not only were Caroline and Dina so sweet to chat with in person...they were also extremely GLAMOUROUS. They were so adorable when I handed them their hoodies and looked so much more stunning than they do on TV. Dina has great hair! We had such a great time schmoozing with them!!!

Lauren said she needs to wear her Royal Drama tee while filming when her Mom pisses her off. She was only kidding Caroline...but Lauren...I would LOVE to see you modeling Royal Drama on your show! ;)

How cute is my fabulous Royal Drama model?

Royal Drama is all about NEVER being afraid to say what's on your mind! If these reality stars aren't perfect Royal Drama models...I don't know who is!!!!!

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