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Monday, September 13, 2010

Far from BORING Bloomies...

2010 Fashion's Night Out was FABULOUS...9/10

Part One...

Fashion's Night Out wasn't just SO much fun...it was also just plain FUNNY as well!!!!! My sister and I laughed the entire night and are STILL laughing from this past Friday night.

YES FNO was a pure scene...YES there were so many beautiful people strolling NYC all dolled up and making appearances from store to store. Celebrities (also common people wanting to be famous with way too much makeup on) were out in full force...so many people were flocking to stalk them and few were out to actually shop like crazy. My sis and I were just out to have an amazing random adventure with no set agenda...well not a major one when the night began at least! Oh...did we have an adventure!!!

Are you SHOCKED? Didn't think so!

We were very pensive as we headed to Bloomies in our first cab ride of the night. Decisions...decisions...how would we visit all of our desired destinations and meet up with so many friends in one evening? We were not mapping it out like most...we were just going to wing it!

On the UWS...we spotted our first favorite sassy random gal of the night...Rainbow Brite's cousin...

I have such respect for true individuals who are not afraid to be unique like Rainbow gal. One characteristic that I'm not a fan of EVER is rudeness. The gentleman below wins the prize of being the meanest security guard of the evening so make sure you smile at him like CRAZY if you should bump into him one day. Actually...I would smile from far away since he's a little scary to be frank!

Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers...but who had time to wait on a LONG line to take an official pic with him. Isn't this candid shot more fun?

My partner in crime (my fave and only sister) decided that the Lancome staff was so excited to pose for one another...that we should take part in their bonding experience.

No other stranger was interested in this shot...so we figured we would show them some FNO love! They were too busy posing to even realize that we started taking pictures of them. That was really hysterical to see!

I took a little break from people watching to buy a little surprise for my Mom so she didn't feel left out from all the fun.

As I was signing for my purchase...I got distracted by this sassy mature lady (her hat was so big she could barely see) who simply had no time to schmooze. She came prepared with her own shopping cart to do some serious damage!!! She was on a mission walking just as quickly as some old school women do...pushing right through the aisles of Fairway just to buy an onion.

As we were rushing to see what Gabriel Aubry looked like in person (we were meeting a close friend at Lord & Taylor but got extra CURIOUS) I ran across my Bobbi Brown experts and friends. That's where I get my brows done so I'm a regular at that counter. Don't tell too many gals my secret please...I need my appointments! They are FABULOUS though! All of a sudden we put ourselves on a scavenger hunt and we picked up quite an impressive pace. We were practically running through the store like we were contestants on Supermarket Sweep.

For a sexy model...he doesn't look half as photogenic as Rainbow Brite in these shots...

A little wink action...

Hmmm...wonder what he was thinking at that moment. That gal sure seems happy though. You think the name Halle Berry crossed her mind? Nah...

This was the uneventful part of Bloomies that night...

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  1. Love this Ferrol! Only you! Love that pic of you and your sis :D