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Saturday, September 18, 2010

New York Fashion Week Sunday FUN...glitz...glamour and gift bags...

I admired this Cynthia Steffe dress moments before I schmoozed with the adorable spunky singer Shontelle...

Shontelle and I bonded regarding perfume right after the Cynthia Steffe show. She loved the Sephora sugar scent that I was wearing as much as I do!!! Too bad I couldn't hear her sing her awesome song Impossible in person after our chat.

I LOVE that green shade...

Cynthia Steffe LEATHER anyone?

I've been to many Fashion Week parties and have always enjoyed runway shows in general. To be very frank...until this recent Fashion Week...I always thought some of these events were overrated. So many people get SO caught up in the scene that they forget about the actual fashion part of it which I never understood. Thanks to a close friend in the fashion industry who invited me to the Spring 2011 Lela Rose and Cynthia Steffe shows...I quickly fell in love with the true meaning and excitement of Fashion Week. I'm NOW addicted!

Lela Rose's collection was inspired by the city of Lima, Peru with amazing printed silk, tulle, sequins and bold sophisticated tweeds (fabulous metallic). I was very impressed with the girlie yet sophisticated looks and Rose's latest collection for Payless caught my eye as well. Normal sassy gals like me can actually wear many of these designs which impressed me the most!!!

You can tell from the following photos that I'll never make a living based on being a fashion photographer right?

I can turn runway models into actors who can audition for horror movies according to these photos...

I wonder if all those cameras produced better shots than mine...
My pictures do get better from the Cynthia Steffe show I promise...being in the FRONT row totally makes a difference!

That gal didn't know she was going to have a close up on SpunkySchmoozer I bet...

Not only did I instantly want Lela Rose to dress me personally after watching her show one day...I was totally impressed with the surprise gift bag. Stila, Commando, Korres, Arcona and Ted Gibson stuff for starters...some of my favorite brands were represented in that bag! I even bonded with a random gal as we were both examining our bags on the way out.

I met another new sassy friend. Yes...she's already on my Facebook too!

I can strut my stuff like no one's business...

After watching all those extremely skinny models all day...I suddenly felt like a nosh (of course) so I attempted to grab one of my favorite healthy snacks of all time. I love Popchips and apparently everyone at Fashion Week did too! Hook up a fan please Popchips...I'll send you my address! ;)

Cynthia Steffe was such a fabulous show! After I saw the first few models in gorgeous fitted clothes...I very briefly thought of hiring an incredible trainer daily for about 6 months...eating very little to be able to actually wear those EXTRA tiny shorts out in public. Then the truth set in...I started pondering about what I was going to order at my dinner minutes later with close friends who were in from SF that evening.

Cynthia Steffe's Spring 2011 collection showcased such charismatic and girlie designs. The bright color and bold prints along with such sassy feminine silk A-line dresses and separates...screamed FUN!!!

Most of this collection looked so comfortable to wear...like you honestly didn't try to hard...but you would def be NOTICED which I adored! The color combos were what really caught my attention along with the feminine ruffles and the use of leather. Not that you would ever catch me walking in public with those TINY leather shorts on (I dream of specific meals while running on the treadmill at times)...but on the right gal they'll look extremely sexy. I admire these women simply for being able to walk with such class in such ridiculously high heels! As much as I adore my heels...I'm usually a flip flops and converse kind of gal!

Cynthia Steffe...if you are reading... my birthday is coming up soon (10/24 to be exact) and I'm in love with that design...and many others of course. I simply ADORE your Spring 2011 collection and am a huge fan of yours!

Sorry your eyes are closed...but that dress you're wearing caught my eye...

Those colors would totally work with my coloring...don't you think?

Thanks for all the frizz control Avon...I'll totally need it with this crazy NYC weather we're getting lately! There's nothing like watching fashion come to life right in front of your eyes...but when fabulous products are handed to you in gift bags as well...it just gets EVEN BETTER!!! I always loved fashion in general but after this Fashion Week...I can hardly wait to attend runway shows next season! There's so MUCH MORE to Fashion Week than just the parties!

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